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Our aim is to guide you in buying your property in France. The local French estate agent does not choose what he offers you, as he is acting for the seller. We only act for you and deal direct with the Notaire of the seller on your behalf.

We intend to save you considerable time and money because you will not have to drive through the countryside to visit unsuitable properties, or wait for hours for another agent you have never met before and who will probably ignore all of your requirements. Local knowledge is the key as the best deals are usually made in the Notaire's office, never reaching the agents.

Once you have chosen your property to buy, we will work to ensure that the transaction goes through as quickly as possible. Your home will be secured by properly drafted, legally enforceable documents.

Although you are paying for our service, in practice the local agent's commission is built in to the price of the properties they offer. They typically charge anything between 5 to 8%. Our fee is much less, and you will save even more as the seller will be more likely to negotiate if he does not bear an agent's commission. All this, before even considering the cost of viewing inappropriate properties!

What we offer you...

(*) In France the solicitor is called the "Notaire". He/She acts for both buyer and seller under French Law.

NOTE: In dealing with Notaires we bypass local estate agents.

For more detailed information on the purchase process, see finding a house.

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