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About France

Situated at the heart of Europe, France borders on Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Monaco and Spain. It is also the UK's closest link to mainland Europe, and has a long intertwined history with it's neighbour across the channel, both as allies and adversaries back through the centuries. As well as the channel, France has long stretches of Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline. France has a varied geography, from low-lying flat marsh-land and planes to high mountainous regions, home to western Europe's highest peek, Mont Blanc. Forests and woodland areas cover almost a third of the country.

The population of France is very similar to that of the UK, at just under 60 million. As France has double the land area, there's plenty of countryside, and it is easy to get away from it all, even in the largest of cities, such as Paris or Lyon.

France is renowned for its food and wine. The food ranges from simple regional produce, such as its vast array of cheeses, to some of the finest haut cuisine available anywhere. Similarly, the wine is known throughout the world, with regional names such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, and of course Champagne, being synonymous with the high quality wines that they produce.

France has a rich historical and cultural heritage, being a trade centre at the hub of western Europe. Fine examples of historical architecture are to be found, dating back to the Romans and beyond. And, often housed in some of France's most celebrated of historical buildings, a great wealth of art is available for all, including thousands of classic pieces on display in the famous Louvre palace.

In all, France is a place where sophisticated charm and relaxed living are to be found everywhere, and with one of the most efficient transport networks, all of its diverse regions are easlily reached from your base in Normandy.

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