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Important Local Administrators

La Mairie (Mayors office)

It is good practice to go and visit the Mayor's office when acquiring a property in rural areas. The Mayor is an all powerful figure in your local community and good relations with his office can assist in your future plans especially if you wish to modernise or carry out structural work on the building. All major alterations inside or outside a building usually require you to first apply to the Mairie for a permit (Permis de Construire).

EDF/GDF (Electricity and Gas board)

You will need to inform the local office of EDF/GDF before you move in so that the supply can be connected in your name. This is often dealt with by the Notaire prior to purchase.

France Telecom (Telephone)

France Telecom is the company which still oversees the national grid of fixed line telephones in France. Again you must contact them to obtain your connection to the telephone land line.

Hotel Des Impots (Local tax Office)

As the owner of land and property, you will become liable for local and national taxes from the date of purchase. Again it is worth checking with them that you are on their records as any lateness will automatically attract penalty payments irrespective of whose fault it is.

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