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Why buy in Normandy?

Normandy is as little as 2 hours from Sussex. The countryside is beautiful and you are never far from the sea. It has fantastic connections, with a big choice of road, air and sea routes from the UK all year round. Normandy roads are free from heavy traffic, giving easy access to the rest of France (Paris is under 2 hours) and to Europe via a first class motorway network.

Normandy has a warm, temperate climate. It receives lots of warm weather, and can get quite hot in the summer months. However, it also receives enough rain to keep its countryside lush and green. It doesn't suffer the baking heat that can be overpowering during the hotest of months further south. It has an ideal climate for cycling, a very popular activity in the region.

French prices are still roughly 60 per cent that of the UK, but have progressed steadily over the past 10 years. Potential for gains is excellent. Scores of countryside properties are available as the locals favour developments near cities, and many still prefer to build new or rent.

Normandy has an abundance of local food and drink. Famous for its apples, the region makes a number of intoxicating brews with them, ranging from fine local cider through to the fiery Calvados. The produce from the sea is also abundant, with fine Dieppe Sole, and Oysters, for which the region is renowned.

Normandy and Brittany Border

We are in permanent contact with Notaire's offices in the Upper and Lower Normandy from Dieppe to the East right up to the Mont Saint-Michel bay to the west. We are also currently developping contacts in Northern Brittany in the St Malo area and along the popular Rance River valley from Dinard up to Dinan.

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