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Property Title (always Freehold in France)

Once the transaction has gone through the purchaser will receive, within 6 to 12 months, a "Copie Authentique" (Certified copy) of the original document known as the "Minute" which the Notaire will keep free of charge for 100 years! This is an original copy of the register noting the sale at the land registry central office. A new copy can be obtained on request from the Notaire.

The Minute will indicate whether there are any charges or mortgages on the property. It is the Notaire's responsibility to ensure that any such charge or mortgage (hypotheques) from the previous owner has been fully discharged from the sales proceeds before the title is handed to the new owner.

A point worth noting for the UK buyer is that the Notaire does not verify the area of the land purchased with the property. Through the years this can vary from what appears on older documents and plans. A survey by a "geometre" (surveyor) is well worth the trouble before final signature of the sale. We can help you arrange this if you require it.

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